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Cut through the clutter with marketing that works! The team at G4 Communication mixes together all of the ingredients required for a successful marketing, design & technology agency.

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In today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, it’s easy to forget that living, breathing people are at the other end of our efforts. This human-centred philosophy informs everything I do, including my business practices.

I charge set project fees because I believe great work is more important than accruing billable hours. I also don’t outsource any of my core capabilities, which leads to more collaborative and cohesive projects.

I begin with “why” and focus on asking the right questions that lead us closer to your goals. Data drives my decisions at the beginning, during and end of every activation. Most importantly, I focus on the KPIs that matter the most to you.

  • Public Relations Graduate
  • Certified Social Media Strategist
  • Marketing Mgt. of 75M+ Company
  • Local Website Administration
  • Trade Show Specialist
  • B2B Specialist
  • Video Management
  • Distributor Channel Specialist


Owner & Creative Director of G4 Communication

I had spent years working for top industry brands, glorifying products I love through the marketing realm. Through these years, I built up a resume and network I could be proud of and decided it was time to challenge myself with creating my own boutique marketing company.

This would also allow me to enjoy some of the little moments with my children that I was greatly missing while working the dedicated hours of the corporate world.

This decision was not an easy one to make, but I knew I was as ambitious and driven as they come and could truly make a successful marketing business while working from home.

With all that said, it seemed only fitting that my business name would derive from the whole reason I embarked on this home-business journey in the first place. So, if you are wondering, ‘G’ stands for my family name, Gordon, and ‘4’ is for my family of four.

In me, you will come to love my honest and direct approach to marketing – and sometimes a little too honest.

Most importantly, I won’t over-promise strategies that don’t make sense for your brand.

The best part about my delivery is that I truly develop long-lasting relationships with my clients. Through the discovery process of your brand, I become one of your team members and can fully understand your company’s needs.

I am looking forward to my next marketing journey with you!

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